A skill to ‘fall back on’…

20150926_170917Since taking my kids out of school (just over 2 yrs ago) my daughter, Neve, (12) has spent the majority of her time playing Minecraft and attack on Titan on her computer. Because of this she can now type quickly without looking at her keyboard. This is the kind of skill my mum wanted me to have growing up because it’s a skill to “fall back on” and yet it’s not something we have taught her, she has acquired it herself from copious gaming.

– Linz Snoman


Playdoh on the driveway


We live at the end of a cul-de-sac where lots of other children live. Our children spend a lot of after-school hours playing out with them – riding bikes, roller-skating, playing elaborate make-believe games. Today it’s a Saturday. They wanted to all play with our seven year old’s new playdoh ice-cream factory but I can’t really fit all the street’s kids in our house and some are very young. So I set them up in the sunshine outside on the driveway with a vinyl tablecloth, the playdoh and all the playdoh toys. I would have been pretty uptight about doing such a thing a few years ago – unschooling has allowed me to feel much happier and joyful about finding ways to help them all do this. There are more kids out there playing than are shown in the picture and one of those in the picture is younger than two and speaks no English.